Imagine a future where everyone has the opportunity to be involved and benefit from the transition to renewable energy.

We’re bringing together communities, small business and farmers to make this future happen.

“When we aren’t seeing action elsewhere, the community has decided to take action itself.”

– Matt Armstrong,
Apollo Bay

What are we campaigning to win?

Establishment of 50 Regional Community Power Hubs across Australia

Establish local hubs to provide on-the-ground advice

Provide funding for early-stage community energy projects

Enable community members to participate in the renewables boom

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We know Community Power Hubs are effective in helping communities power themselves with renewables and revitalising regional areas.

Tell our new government to get behind community-led renewables by rolling out 50 Community Power Hubs across the country.


  • Regional pollies urged to back local power hubs for prosperous communities
    Federal political hopefuls from regional Australia are being urged to support local Community Power Hubs to help build prosperity and resilience in the regions. Community Power Agency (CPA) is making the call in the wake of parliament’s Standing Committee on Energy and Environment failing to support the Australian Local Power […]

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“Community energy Plays a powerful role in affecting local change & accelerating the societal shift to renewable energy”

– Clean Energy Council

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