What is Repower Our Communities?

An opportunity to unlock regional development, boost local economies and build resilient communities through community energy projects across Australia.

Why this? Why Now?

The renewables boom is coming to Australia in a big way, and we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure that everyone benefits in this transition. Community energy enables everyday people to share in the benefits.

Community Power Hubs are an important solution in enabling everyday people to participate in the renewables revolution by providing on-the-ground advice and capacity building to support communities to get involved in the renewable energy transition in a way that works for them.

With a Federal election coming up we can mobilise our communities to campaign for initiatives that deliver lasting tangible benefits in regional areas across the country.

But we need your help. We need leadership from our elected representatives – that’s why we’ve started this campaign. Will you join the campaign to Repower Our Communities?


Community energy is about bringing people together, doing it ourselves and creating collective benefits for all.

The four key pillars of community energy are:


our energy supply through using renewable energy


our local energy supply, making the grid more resilient


our energy governance through community ownership and participation


that renewable energy works and brings lasting benefits

Case Studies

Energising Gloucester

Located in the Hunter Region, the town of Gloucester wanted to embrace renewable energy locally. Their first project was installing a 30kw solar system on the Buckets Way Neighbourhood Group Centre to lower energy costs for the important community hub.

Energising Gloucester raised the installation funds and co-ordinates the first three years of the project, then the centre can expect to save at least $11,000/yr on their electricity bills.

This passionate group are currently working on a 500kW solar farm to be owned by a cooperative of local people.

Marlinja Community Solar

The remote community Marlinja in the Northern Territory has powered their community centre with solar becoming the first community energy project in the NT.

Uncle Ray Dimakarri Dixon, a Mudburra leader and Marlinja resident says:  “Solar power built and owned by the community offers us the chance to live and work on country, create good skilled jobs for our young people and help our communities prepare for a hotter, less certain climate future.

The solar powered community centre is just the start for our people, to demonstrate to the government that we need to be leading the switch to clean energy. We’re not waiting, and neither should they!”

Totally Renewable YackandanDa

In Victoria’s north-east you’ll find one of Australia’s most ambitious community energy groups. Their vision is for Yackandanda to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2022 – and they’re well on the way!

Over 60% of local buildings have solar -many with storage, 191 buildings are contributing to their three mini-grids and the community electricity retailer Indigo Power ensures as much as possible of money paid for electricity stays local.

Last year TRY’s efforts were recognised by winning the 2020 Premier’s Sustainability Award for their community virtual power plan.


Establish 50 local power hubs to provide on-the-ground advice

Provide funding for early-stage community energy projects

Enable community members to participate in the renewables boom

Who’s with us?

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