Get involved

We’ve got big plans to build support across Australia, and there’s many ways you can get involved.

Support Community Power HUBS!

We know Community Power Hubs are effective in helping communities power themselves with renewables and revitalising regional areas.

Tell our new government to get behind community-led renewables by rolling out 50 Community Power Hubs across the country.

promote on social media

One of the least time intensive way to get the message out about climate is through social media.

Ways you can get involved:

Write your own posts and tweets – remember to use the tag #Repower OurCommunities

Personal posts on Facebook can be a powerful way of communicating about community energy. You can write to your friends but you might also like to consider making the odd post public.

If you’re doing this, write from the heart about why community energy is important to you and your community and consider including a photo of yourself, near a renewable energy project if you can.

Email your Mp

Ask your MP to Repower our communities

Australia is on the cusp of a renewable energy boom. But we need to make sure regional communities benefit from the mass investment and build-out of solar and wind energy. This means cleaner and cheaper power, local economic development and more resilient regional communities.

To achieve this we need leadership from our elected representatives. It’s a no-brainer and it’s time for our elected representatives to stand up for regional Australia and pledge to #repowerourcommunities.

Our goal is for the Federal Government to establish 50 regional community power hubs across the country to support communities to power themselves with renewable energy – via the Australian Local Power Plan Bill or otherwise.

We need to show that farmers, First Nations communities and regional people want a community-led renewable energy future.

Communities are already leading. Towns like Denmark in WA, Marlinja in NT and Yackandandah in VIC are already well on the way to harnessing renewable energy for their communities to revitalise their communities and become energy resilient.

Regional Australia could flourish with local power hubs across the country supporting communities to power themselves with renewable energy.

Will you write to your MP and ask them to Repower Our Communities?

Write your Email Below

Include personal stories of your community to illustrate why this is needed and supported. You could start by saying which community you are part of and why this is important to you.

For example, are there projects in your region that need extra capacity or funding to progress? What would the impact be?

Be as detailed as you can.

We’ve got a base letter started, add or edit to make it more personal – this gives extra weight.

Next, Connect with your MP

Call your MP

Calling your MP is another great way to get your message across. Here’s 8 Top Tips:

  1. Plan ahead – find out what their position is on regional development, community resilience and energy. What is the ask you want to make of them? What are the points you want to get across?
  2. Introduce yourself – give your full name, note that you live in their electorate and say you want to talk about community energy (or more specific issue)
  3. Share your story – how and why is community energy important for you? What opportunities does it present?
  4. Key messages – draw in the points you developed before the call
  5. Be polite – it’s important to keep the conversation respectful if you want to get your message across
  6. Get to the point – try not to confuse the issue by going off on a tangent and try to keep it short
  7. Be honest – say so if you don’t know the answer and let them know you’ll find out and get back to them
  8. Make an ask – request your MP support Repower Our Communities or the Australian Local Power Agency, ask them to speak about community energy in Parliament or talk about the benefits of community energy in the media.

Raise the profile in your region


  • Print out and put up posters in your local area to raise the profile of the Repower Our Communities campaign
  • Ask local businesses to display posters in support of the campaign in their front windows
  • Download the campaign posters by clicking on the image on the right
  • Use the logo pack to create your own posters!